Who can believe it? Best of 2016 is finally here!

The Best of 2016 is finally here! The always free ebook can be downloaded in multiple formats below and physical copies are available at Amazon!


This sophomore entry of -30- Press Quarterly compiles not only the October, November, and December winners of NoSleep’s monthly contest but also the Best Stories of 2016! This issue will take you from a “pill mill” on the Floridian peninsula to a research station in Antarctica to a realm of pain and terror where “feeding the pig” is a mandatory chore. You’ll learn why it might not be in your best interest to teach crows to find loose change for you and you’ll discover the rules to play the game of Seven Doors (if you dare). This double-sized issue of -30- Press Quarterly is packed with four times the horror and is not to be missed!









For the unaware, the independent company -30- Press has taken over publication of what used to be called the NoSleep eBook and has renamed it -30- Press Quarterly. This was done to be able to sell physical copies and audiobooks that keeps this site – and the free ebooks it hosts – free and thriving forever. If you like the content we and NoSleep are providing, consider buying your favorite issue on Amazon.






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